Christmas trees and decorations in co-ownership and rental buildings


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Christmas trees and decorations in co-ownership and rental buildings

14 December 2022  |  Christmas, Co-ownership, Condo, property management, software  |  Condo, Manager, Rental, UpperBee

It is that time of year: Fir trees, strings of holiday lights and wreaths are beginning to appear in the entrance halls and corridors of buildings, and inside and outside of homes. It may be particularly useful to remember that when you live in a condominium or in a rental building, it is typically not allowed to do anything regarding Christmas decorations or Christmas trees.  

Have you thought about reminding your residents to be well informed and to check the regulations of their building?  
With UpperBee it is easy. 

Thanks to the portal’s messaging features, you have the possibility to send messages and other important notices to tenants or residents in a few clicks. For example, take the opportunity to send a memo to all new residents to remind them of the existence of the regulations and the possibility of accessing them directly from UpperBee. Here are some useful reminders: 

Christmas decorations in condominiums or rental buildings: remember to consult the building’s by-laws 

Residents who wish to decorate their living space or balcony for Christmas must ensure that they comply with the regulations of their building. Thus, these regulations remain the reference and it is worth pointing them out, because they mention, for example, the prohibition of stringing lights in apartments highlighting the risks of fire or the prohibition of natural fir trees. As for decorations on facades, windows, or balconies, they are often allowed or tolerated, because they are temporary and do not permanently change the appearance of the building. However, the regulations of some residences may prohibit its use. 

Even if flexibility is recommended in these festive periods (while insisting on compliance with safety rules), you can take advantage of the period to remind residents that all information on what is allowed within the condominium or building is indicated in the regulations, which are accessible via UpperBee. 

Building by-laws are always accessible via UpperBee

UpperBee allows you to keep original, amended, and new regulations in an easily accessible registry. (Remember that UpperBee makes these building bylaws available to all residents.) This registry allows you to incorporate these policies into your communications by using UpperBee’s direct mail features. Therefore, it has never been easier to make your regulations accessible and searchable to various stakeholders (e.g., owners, residents, tenants, etc.) and to refer to them. So you have everything right at your fingertips to communicate this particularly useful reminder before the holiday season. 

UpperBee allows you to easily communicate with all residents 

By the simplicity of sending notices and messages

You can send a reminder of information on what is allowed or prohibited in the building regarding holiday decorations easily by email or text message (SMS) via UpperBee. Notices are a particularly effective tool to allow you to make all residents aware of what is allowed and remind them that all useful information is in the regulations of their building, which is available in UpperBee. In short, to exchange with all your residents, this function will simplify your task! 

By direct mail 

Would you like to take this opportunity to send a more complete message by mail to all residents and remind all residents of the rules in force in your building when the end of the year holidays? No need to manually enter the names and addresses of property owners and tenants on their correspondence, UpperBee already knows this information. You can use UpperBee’s mail merge tools and save valuable time and focus on the message. 

Recalling the existence of the resident’s manual 

Resident manuals are useful tools for providing important information to the residents of a building. However, distributing and updating this document can become a nightmare. Over time, multiple versions emerge, and residents may refer to old and outdated information. UpperBee centralizes this tool in one place; accessible online by any resident, tenant, owner, or co-owner. Accurate and up-to-date information about your building is accessible to everyone in a few clicks, and on any device. 

With UpperBee, you have the powerful communication tools to address targeted communications to your residents.

The entire UpperBee team wishes you good holiday preparations! 


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