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24 May 2024  |  UpperBee

The ACMO (Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario) report paints a clear picture: Ontario’s condo market is buzzing!

With 1.7 million residents and over 12,000 condominium corporations, it is a haven for skilled condominium managers. But how can you truly stand out in this competitive landscape?

Ontario Condominium Statistics
with ACMO

UpperBee is your secret weapon for condominium management excellence!

Our innovative technology solutions for accounting and property management empower you to:

  • Become a financial whiz! UpperBee’s accounting system seamlessly integrates with all other elements of our platform and automates financial processes, giving you real-time insights and control over condo finances.
  • Master property management! UpperBee Manager, our flagship software, streamlines daily tasks, increases communication, fosters community engagement, and boosts efficiency.
  • Boost resident satisfaction! Offer residents a secure and convenient way to pay condominium fees with UpperBee Pay, our integrated electronic payment solution.

Here is what sets UpperBee apart:

  • Innovation at its core: we continuously develop cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of the condominium market.
  • Integrated and collaborative: our platform connects your essential tools, promoting seamless workflows and communication, and provides self-service features.
  • Scalable and accessible: UpperBee adapts to your specific needs and grows with your business.
  • Security you can trust: we prioritize data security, ensuring peace of mind for you and residents, with our dedication to SOC-2 compliance.

Do not just manage condominiums, revolutionize them! Discover how UpperBee can transform your approach to accounting, property management, and resident satisfaction.

Schedule a meeting today and see the UpperBee difference!


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