Toukan, specialist in air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and heating systems, becomes an UpperBee Experts supplier


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SuperBee Toukan

25 October 2022  |  Innovation, Suppliers  |  UpperBee

UpperBee is proud to present Toukan who has joined the network of UpperBee Experts providers, as a SuperBee sponsored provider.

Toukan aims to advise you on the air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, and heating system that best meets your needs, so that you can live in an environment with healthy air quality and an ideal temperature for you, all year round. Their specialists also provide you with effective solutions to reduce energy consumption.

The strength of Toukan: a single point of contact to accompany you throughout the process. No need to contact multiple companies for complete service throughout the life of your system.

Toukan’s teams, which operate in Laval and the North Shore, specialize in the installation of air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, and heating systems, and are able to diagnose problems and repair these systems quickly and efficiently.

The range of services extends to a varied clientele: residential, general contractors, commercial, catering…, both for the installation and repair and maintenance of heat pump, air conditioning and ventilation systems:

  • Residential:
    • High-end construction/renovation;
    • Diagnosis and repair of existing systems;
    • Maintenance Plan;
    • Geothermal energy;
  • General contractors, high-end construction/renovation, and multiplex:
    • High-end residential or commercial construction/renovation;
    • Multiplex;
    • Commercial (Rooftop, Refrigerated room, standard systems);
  • Commercial:
    • Regular maintenance contract;
    • Diagnosis and repair of existing systems;
    • Installation of Rooftop style systems;
  • Restaurants/grocery stores/convenience stores:
    • Diagnosis and repair of refrigerated systems;
    • Counter, freezer, cold room, wine cellar;

Improving air quality, another reason to call on Toukan teams

Teams can help improve the air quality in your condominium:

  • System installation and ventilation ducts and air exchanger;
  • Ventilation duct cleaning;
  • Sale of filters for air exchanger, furnace, or purifier (possibility of delivery);

For more information, contact the Toukan team.

Remember that UpperBee Experts is more than just a catalog of suppliers, it is not only a showcase, but a work tool created to measure by the UpperBee teams for property managers, condominium syndicates and rental properties.


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