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Updates and News UpperBee

22 February 2023  |  Innovation, property management, software  |  Condo, Manager, Rental, UpperBee

Here are some of the latest improvements and new features of your UpperBee software that have just been put online to allow you to better manage your buildings.
» To consult the full list of new features, go to the support pages of your software.


UpperBee hears you – let us know your requests!

UpperBee now offers access to a new collaborative wish platform to submit new feature ideas.
The team will be able to collect your suggestions in a centralized and structured way, analyze them, plan them when selected, and then follow up on progress.

How does it work
Only users identified as “super users” (an option has been added in the account settings for “Admins”) will have access to centralize and transmit the suggestions of their teams. Once the option is selected, the user will be able to see in the drop-down menu of the help button, next to their image, the link to submit a wish.


Payment approval module

In addition to the cascading approval mode, new improvements are being made to simplify processes:

  • The payment approval module has been revised to allow approvers to be added, removed, or replaced for a payment in just a few clicks.
  • A new approval method is created: “First come, first signed” (among all signatories). This mode will add all signatories as approvers, notify all signatories of the payment to be approved, and consider the payment approved as soon as the required number of approvals is reached.

Stay informed – set up your profile!

And you could save thousands of dollars with UpperBee partners!

UpperBee is also a network of renowned partners, experts in their field, industry leaders, who offer discounts, advantageous offers and privileges, specially negotiated for you, and which could allow you to save big or participate in contests.

To access and receive these offers and promotions, you must set up your profile and indicate that you wish to receive them.

NOTE: This network of partners is also accessible to the entire UpperBee community, your employees, buildings, residents, tenants, co-owners, and building service providers managed with UpperBee. Go to your profile to set it up now!

Do not waste time because the network will soon be enriched with complementary services with exclusive partnerships and benefits negotiated for you.


Visibility of overdue accounts receivable

UpperBee allows you to select multiple properties from all overdue customer accounts in the Manager’s Portal.
You will be able to generate a single report with all accounts with a balance and know how long the account has been past due, for multiple properties.
You will see, in the blink of an eye, the unpaid (rents or condo fees) of all the properties you manage, and how long they are past due.
A version of this report will also make its way into the Condo and Rental portals of properties.

Visibility of overdue accounts receivable

Simplify your residents’ daily lives and improve their experience by encouraging them to download the UpperBee Residents mobile app!

With its state-of-the-art interface, our mobile app allows residents to manage everything from their cell phone: book amenities, request services or track the delivery of a package, all in a few clicks.

Not to mention, take advantage of the many promotional agreements negotiated by UpperBee.

A NOTE: For UpperBee customer managers, custom posters are available, contact us for more information.
Adding attachments to billing items

Adding attachments to billing items

The features have been revised:

  • To permit the transmission of attachments to the accounting software of your management company (Xero, QuickBooks) allowing, for example, to justify a re-invoicing to a customer.
  • An icon will be visible for attachments in the list of items to be recharged.

Lease Assignment

It is now possible to make an assignment of lease through UpperBee.

The lease assignment feature terminates the current lease on the specified date and the lease information (including attachments) will be copied into a new lease that will have the same periods.

The outgoing tenant’s record will be archived and all that remains is to enter the new tenant’s information into the newly created lease.

Lease Assignment

UpperBee TV

Managing Calendars Meeting

See our latest videos uploaded on UpperBee TV to help our users. These videos will allow you to enjoy the full experience of all UpperBee features.



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