Features: Automations

Notifications and Reminders

System parameters combined with customizable service/work request and periodic task management capabilities ensure that workflow processes can be defined to ensure timely completion and follow-up of activities. System generated notifications and reminders keep the process moving and inform managers and their supervisors when action is due.

Unit access request

Anytime you need to coordinate access to a specific unit for an inspection or other reason just click to send a request. When the request is approved and the visit confirmed, Manager will notify you. UpperBee does the follow up for you until a response is obtained.



Contract management

UpperBee Manager's contract management functionality organizes all your contracts though an icon driven Click to access interface that displays all critical elements of the contract right on the button. Management features include auto renewal settings, notice periods of non-renewal and system reminders that tell you when a required action is coming up, and much more! At contract renewal UpperBee will automatically generates a service request asking you if you want to bid out the contract or not - if you select yes, the request is automatically converted to a request for quote request: As easy as that! No need to keep files, calendar notes and renewal plans to review in your planning, UpperBee Manager does the work for you.

Past due collections

Whether it is rent, condo fees or other charges when your or your clients' money is past due it needs to be addressed. UpperBee Manager allows you to establish your process of collection (e.g., 2 weeks late send a notice, 30 days charge penalty, 60 days send to collections or place a lien, etc.), in the system. This customizable approach allows you to incorporate your procedures into the system workflows. The system will automatically send notices, charge fees and the like. If your intervention is needed, the system will tell. Let UpperBee’s automated alarms and features do most of the work for you. Now you can stay on top of this time-consuming task by automatically applying late fees to multiple accounts across multiple properties.

Recouvrement Loyers

Relevés Fiscaux

Relevés Fiscaux

Relevés Fiscaux

Tax slips 

Automatically generate tax forms such as Relevé 31, T776 and TP128 (available to users in the province of Quebec, Canada).

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