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UpperBee partner

UpperBee is an innovative player, involved in its industry, and partner of the largest associations

28 October 2021

By being a partner of the largest associations, UpperBee aligns itself with its ambitious development strategy and continues its commitment alongside managers by getting involved in its industry.


All the memory of your condominium at a click

25 October 2021

With UpperBee, you lose nothing, everything is just a click away


Wilkar Property Management wins the management of 3 new buildings: O’Nessy condos, Amati Condos and Condos Saint M

25 October 2021

UpperBee congratulates Wilkar Property Management  for obtaining the management of these three new buildings, managed with UpperBee, the only all-in-one property management software.


Devmont is currently delivering Phase 3 of the Westbury Montreal project with Track&Fix software by UpperBee 

25 October 2021

Devmont is currently delivering Phase 3 of the Westbury Montreal project with Track&Fix software by UpperBee and on-site support for the teams. 


What to look for in a condo management software?

14 October 2021

An excellent article from the Toronto Condo News with UpperBee on what to look for in a condo management software.

SolutionCondo / UpperBee

SolutionCondo obtains the management of Tour des Canadiens 2 and Tour des Canadiens 3

5 October 2021

Congratulations to SolutionCondo for the management of Tour des Canadiens 2 and Tour des Canadiens 3, which are currently managed with UpperBee Condo.

Software updates

UpperBee News and Updates – October 2021

5 October 2021

The UpperBee team would like to inform you of the latest updates to the software.

Wilkar / UpperBee

Wilkar Property Management obtains the management of Nordelec Urban Condos

4 October 2021

UpperBee congratulates Wilkar Property Management Inc. on obtaining the management of Nordelec Condos Urbains - Tower 1 managed with UpperBee, the all-in-one state of the art property management software.

Capitale CONDO

Capitale CONDO has chosen UpperBee

20 September 2021

Capitale CONDO has chosen the UpperBee platform to support its activities and grow their business.

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