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UpperBee vs. Competitors: why our property management & accounting software stands out

24 July 2024

Do not let the competition slow you down, go for UpperBee and discover how our software can transform your property management in innovative and efficient ways.

From comfort to serenity: Groupe De Palma’s concierge services reinvent condo life

13 May 2024

Simplify your condo living with custom concierge services from Groupe De Palma, a proud partner of UpperBee.

Encouraging innovative digital practices and moving towards zero paper in the daily life of Property Management is part UpperBee’s DNA

19 April 2024

At UpperBee, we strongly believe that every little bit counts in reducing all of our impact on the environment. We pride ourselves on our role as innovative experts and industry leaders, and that is why we are committed to continuingly develop innovative solutions for property management that reduce reliance on...

Artificial intelligence at the service of property management: a new advance from UpperBee

15 January 2024

As the property management sector evolves at a rapid pace, we continue to be at the forefront of innovation, developing features that rethink how managers interact with their software.

In the quest for well-being, quite naturally

18 December 2023

The quest for well-being is more relevant than ever, especially in the increasingly complex world of property management. Managers face growing challenges, from labor shortages to the stress of regulatory changes…

Understand and prepare your company for the new obligations of bill 25 with UpperBee

22 September 2023

With Law 25 coming into force on September 22, 2023, new obligations to protect personal information have been added to the responsibilities of companies in the property management sector. How can UpperBee help you meet these new obligations while simplifying your day-to-day operations?

5 compelling reasons to choose UpperBee to improve your property management operations and your company productivity

5 Reasons to adopt UpperBee accounting and Property Management Software

7 August 2023

Property management is an increasingly complex field that requires an organized and efficient approach to ensure that operations run smoothly. That is where UpperBee software comes in, providing property managers five compelling reasons to choose this technology solution to improve their operations and company productivity.

Steps to successfully implement property management software in your company.

Steps to successfully implement property management software in your company

25 July 2023

Implementing new property management software is a crucial step in improving your company's efficiency and productivity. However, this transition can sometimes seem daunting. In this article, we present the key steps to a successful implementation, to facilitate this transition and get the most out of your new management tool.

5 Tips for a Stress and Hassle-free Moving Experience

12 April 2023

Moving season is coming up and there will certainly be many moves in the buildings you manage. UpperBee has all the features you need to prepare and make it easy. But finding a mover or renting a vehicle to transport your furniture in early July can be complicated. To better...

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