Simple and affordable online software solutions for all your real estate management needs, for all types of real estate: condominiums and owner associations, multi-residential rental properties…

With UpperBee, you no longer have to pay for multiple platforms to meet all your property management needs. You can see all your operations in real time, as well as your finances. You save time and manage your day-to-day activities efficiently.

Our goal is to increase productivity and allow you to focus on value-added tasks for the buildings you manage.


For professional and portfolio real estate management, HOA:

  • Centralized property management
  • Advanced financial features for your most complex needs, online approval of invoices and payments
  • High-performance automation to help your teams move faster, submissions and calls for tender...
  • Advanced reporting to keep control of your business.
  • Customizable access and usage rights management for all your employees and collaborators
  • High-performance tools for equipment management so you never miss a maintenance requirement.

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For condominium associations, strata properties, HOA and more:

  • Complete and easy financial management and accounting for the proper administration of your condominium
  • Annual and special budgets
  • Simplified communications with co-owners, requests for information and services from owners and tenants, contract renewal alerts
  • Integration with external applications
  • Parcel delivery management
  • Virtual library
  • Easily organize your meetings

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For owners of rental dwellings, income properties, multi-residential rental properties, plexes...

  • Summary, billing and rent recovery
  • Tools for easy communications with your residents
  • All information about your buildings, leases and tenants in one place
  • Your up-to-date, real-time, and accessible financial statements from anywhere
  • Automations that will help you and simplify you work
  • Tools that enhance your investments and your residents living experience
  • Everything is integrated and accessible in a single platform: complete and instantaneous pre-rental surveys with Trustii, electronic leases, statements 31, renewal notices, payments, contract management...
  • A mobile app that can be used anywhere

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The only payment solution created to meet the needs of residential rental property owners, condominium syndicates and their boards of directors, property managers and other product and service providers.

  • Collect your rents or condominium fees safely.
  • Make online payments by bank transfer or direct debit from any Canadian bank.
  • Save time by using the only online payment solution fully integrated with the accounting system of all your buildings managed with UpperBee.
  • Reduce your risk of fraud by switching to electronic payment.

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The real estate inspection solution, for your pre-reception inspections, listings, building visits, regulatory inspections for owners, developers, and sales teams.

  • Optimize and accelerate your inspections
  • Automate operations, improve the quality of follow up tracking
  • Improve communication between stakeholders to accelerate corrective work
  • Follow up in real time
  • Ensure your customers' satisfaction

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Digital register to log and track your lobby’s traffic of your residential or commercial building in real time.

  • Visitor Diary: Track arrivals and departures of visitors of your residents or tenants
  • Supplier Diary: Track the arrival and departure of each technician so you can contact them if needed, and validation time worked.
  • Delivery of parcels: inform your residents, by email or SMS, that a package for them has arrived at the building and is waiting for them at reception.

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Virtual meeting and assembly management software that tracks your quorum in real time and holds votes based on each participant's fractional share. Need to vote during the pandemic?

  • Instant quorum and voting
  • Easy proxy management
  • Up to 1000 participants
  • Audio and video recording
  • Affordable rates for all

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