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I would like my condominium or HOA to subscribe, but what if some owners don't want to?

Although the Board of Directors is the one that will gain the most benefits from using UpperBee, you can still ask your owners’ opinion before subscribing. However, the decision rests ultimately with the Board of Directors.

What are the benefits of using a fully integrated management software?

Using a fully integrated web-based software like UpperBee offers a Board of Directors several important advantages over traditional tools or stand alone apps and software, such as:

  • Increased transparency;
  • Improved communications with your community members;
  • Keeping all your documents and information in one easy to access place (i.e.: registries, financial information, your equipment list and plans, etc.); and
  • Retaining your information over many changes of Board of Directors members or management companies.

Can I try UpperBee for free?

Yes, it is possible to try it out for free, and it only takes a few minutes. In order to do so, you have to:

  • Click “FREE TRIAL” on the upper right corner of our website, and create your account (username and password);
  • Then click on the link in the email that was sent to you by [email protected] in your mailbox (WARNING, verify your spam folder!);
  • You will be redirected towards a “SECURED CONNECTION” screen;
  • Enter your email and password, then click on “LOG IN”; and
  • Click on “CREATE A SYNDICATE” and create your free trial which will expire after 30 days.

Can I do my condominium association or HOA accounting using UpperBee?

Yes, UpperBee is the only online management software that integrates a complete set of accounting tools and features. Doing your own accounting with UpperBee will save you time and money. With UpperBee’s financial tools, you will be able, among other things, to:

  • Prepare your budgets;
  • Enter your bills;
  • Log all cheques and preauthorized debit* form received from owners or co-owners and process deposit
  • Reconcile your bank accounts;
  • Invoice common expenses and contributions to the contingency fund (condo fees and dues);
  • Create customized expense allocation keys;
  • Invoice special fees (penalties, fines, moving fees, etc.);
  • Keep track in real time of amounts owed by owners and co-owners;
  • Generate your income statements, balance sheets and statement of net asset evolution;
  • Prepare a variety of analysis and reports;

*A subscription to a supported payment processing software is required. Additional fees applicable.

Can I download the documents generated or stored within UpperBee's various tools and features?

Yes, most of UpperBee's tools and features allow for the creation and easy download of Excel, Word or PDF files based on the data contained within your UpperBee account.

Can all our owners and tenants access our condominium association or HOA UpperBee account?

Yes, all your owners and tenants can access your UpperBee account. For them to access your account, you will have to invite then to join UpperBee. This is easily done by emailing or sending to them a printed copy of their private system generated registration key.

Please note that contrary to Board of Directors members who benefit from an unrestricted access, owners and tenants only have access to their respective information. All users do have access to a full featured service requests and booking system allowing them to communicate their questions or bookings to their Board of Directors or professional managers, whatever the case may be.

For which size buildings or HOA is self-management possible?

Self management is possible for syndicate, condominium associations and HOA of any sizes. Although many small communities (fewer than 30 units) are generally forced to self manage due to a lack of interest from professional management companies, many large buildings and communities also choose self management or have their own staff task with managing their daily operations. UpperBee’s self management package is meant for them.

Whatever the size of your syndicate, condominium association or home owner’s association (HOA), UpperBee will help reduce the workload associated with managing it.

Do we have the skills to manage our condominium association or HOA?

Yes, you have the skills to independently manage your building or buildings.

As with a house, proper maintenance is a matter of judgment and depends on your ability to retain the services of the right people to do the required work. Therefore, with the right tools and information sources, managing a building is within everyone's reach.

UpperBee’s communication and collaboration tools allow exchanges between the Board of Directors, owners and tenants, so that they can benefit from the knowledge and varied experiences of all involved.

Is UpperBee.com there to stay?

UpperBee was launched in 2007 under the trademark SolutionCondo.com and has since garnered tens of thousands of owners who self-manage. UpperBee is also used by many management firms, including Solution Condo Inc., Quebec’s largest professional management company of large condominiums buildings with over 2 billion dollars' worth of real estate assets under management.

UpperBee is therefore firmly established and has greatly evolved over the last 14 years. UpperBee’s evolution has been propelled by the demands of its customers, who bring excellent ideas and contribute actively to the improvement of its management tools, which in turn allows them to save even more time when managing their real estate assets.

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