If you are a real estate developer, general contractor, site superintendent or project manager, use Track&Fix for your pre-receipt inspections, site surveys, building visits and regulatory inspections.
Track & Fix improves communication between your stakeholders and accelerates corrective work.

  • For new construction (condos, townhouses or single-family homes), renovations or property management
  • Accepted by all new home warranty plans
  • Easy to use, accessible on all your electronic devices, you access your data in real time
  • Integrated digital signatures and voice writing
  • Integrates with major construction software such as Procore and BIM360…
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The ideal technological tool for construction teams

Track & Fix facilitates site inspections and collaboration between teams. Its ease of use, both on mobile devices and on its web application, will improve the follow-up of your corrective actions and the satisfaction of your clients and collaborators. It is the ideal inspection tool for real estate developers, general contractors, home builders, site superintendents and project managers.

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Visit the official website

Visit the official website

A complete tool to follow-up on your projects

Track&Fix identifies, orders, assigns, corrects and tracks your real estate projects in real time with your different teams.

  • Inspect your projects with a mobile device
  • Generate custom inspection reports
  • Send requests for corrective work
  • Evaluate the performance of your projects
  • Probe your customers' satisfaction.

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outil complet pour le suivi de vos projets

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The ideal technological tool for property managers

Track & Fix facilitates dwelling inspections and building visits while increasing collaboration between teams. Its ease of use, both on mobile devices and on its web application, will improve the follow-up of your repair work and the satisfaction of your residents. It is the ideal inspection tool for property owners, property managers, real estate brokers and rental agents.

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There are two ways to learn more about our application. Our team of experts can give you a demonstration tailored to your needs or you can take a free trial and create your portal with our Getting Started Guide. During the demo, we will go over the most popular features to get a good look at the power of the inspection app and the complete customer service portal.

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