Are you a property management professional or have multiple properties under management?
Discover the features of UpperBee Manager:

  • All the features of UpperBee Condo and UpperBee Rental are available to property managers in UpperBee Manager, in addition to Manager’s specific tools
  • Centralized property management
  • In-application invoice and payment approval module for seamless tracking and processing
  • Customizable access rights, assign roles to users to grant or limit access to various modules or information…

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Advanced financial features for your most complex needs

Professional managers need access to powerful tools to simplify the management of the complex needs of their clients and residents. Our fully integrated platform will allow you to manage invoices, payments, budgets, financial statements and the most complex situations requiring accounting transactions.

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Powerful automation to help your teams move faster

Your customers and residents are demanding exemplary service and communication. That is why UpperBee offers many advanced features to assist managers to provide outstanding service while maintaining a good relationship with each party.

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automatisations performantes

rapports évolués afin de garder le

Advanced reporting to keep control of your business

Professional managers have access to numerous reports on the performance of their properties, employees and critical information for the management of their property portofolio. These tools allow the manager to save valuable administrative time so that they can focus on more value-added client activities.

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Manage rights and customize access for all your employees

Large and small employee teams and clients have similar but very different needs. That is why we offer a wide range of possible access settings to provide a comprehensive personalized experience for all your roles, properties and employees.

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gestion des droits et des accès

outils de gestion des équipements

High-performance tools to manage equipment so you do not miss required maintenance

The maintenance of buildings and mechanical equipment is complex and requires flawless monitoring to avoid unpleasant surprises. That is why you will find all the features you need to manage important dates, critical data and device locations.

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