Features: Communications


Internal and external messaging

Communicate directly with your tenants and owners, as well as other third parties and keep a complete history of these exchanges.

Fully configurable Service request system

UpperBee incorporates a powerful set of service request tools that are customizable for your internal procedural and documentation needs. Ability to fully integrate your internal service procedures into an automated tool for workflow management and employee load balancing, saving you time and improving customer experience. Includes an automatic survey system with a complete set of analytic tools. With UpperBee, you let the application do your heavy lifting!


Automated unit access request

Anytime you need to coordinate to access a specific unit for an inspection or other reason just click to send a request and go about your business letting UpperBee Manager handle the follow up. When the request is approved and the visit confirmed, UpperBee will notify you – no more waiting in hallways for the owners or tenants to show.

Broadcast Notices

Post notices directly to UpperBee and broadcast to a resident, a subgroup, a building or your complete portfolio.



Model documents and replies

UpperBee lets you create many model documents and replies so that you can quickly answer those frequently asked questions. UpperBee’s powerful mail merge function lets you quickly distribute assessment notices and other announcements to a large group of recipients. Now you can convoke large general meetings in just a few clicks.

Residents manual

UpperBee allows you to create a universal resident’s manual accessible online by any tenant or owner.


Frequently asked questions

Tenants and co-owners, you have a question for your building manager? – This is the first place to look. Building managers can draft, publish and distribute FAQs across their entire portfolio, saving them precious time.

Virtual library

Attach documents of almost anything in UpperBee: bills, purchase order, bids, contracts, notices, letters, technical documents (e.g., plans, warranty letters, user manuals, etc.). UpperBee offers secured and private access to all your records. With UpperBee’s multi-level security, you can manage who has access to what, even your tenants.




Communication Log

Flag all your client communications (e.g., past due notices, infraction fines, etc.) to maintain a date and time stamped history of topical communications. When something is called into question or you need to make that trip to court, a complete history of correspondence regarding the matter is easily produced.

Mail merge

Why enter manually the names and addresses of your tenants on their correspondence when UpperBee already knows this information? - Save time using UpperBee’s mail merge tools.



Client Surveys

Keep your finger on the pulse of your resident base. Circulate and compile surveys of tenants and co-owners to obtain their opinions on various topics (e.g., proposed building improvements, amendments building rules and regulations, etc.).

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