Mobile App: Features

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Keep your information current. All residents can view and update their personal information (e.g., telephone, emergency contact, etc.)

Service requests

Complete service request functionality in your fintertips : Create, view, update and complete service request across your properties. Allows landlords to report a problem with the building or to or request various services such as a repair, report an infraction or suggest lease amendment.

Efficiently open, answer and track tenants’, owners’ and investors’ information and service requests on the go.

Demande Services

Registre Residents

Resident registry

Need to contact the tenant of unit 503? Need to know who owns that black Audi parked in Space 44? Who is the emergency contact for unit 201? If you have questions about your residents, the answers are found here. UpperBee's resident registry captures all required information about the people, their contact information, their vehicles and any problems they have caused at the building - completely accessible through your smart phone so that it is there when you need it.

Supplier Registry

Build a list of trusted suppliers with every invoice you process. UpperBee's supplier registry can be pre-loaded by suppliers with building contracts to establish the base of support for the building. Then over time it will grow. Maintain an authorized supplier registry for your portfolio and for an individual building. Registry comes with a rating feature and allows you to flag preferred and black listed suppliers.



Account Statement

View your account statement. See amounts owed, when your last payment was credited, additional charges posted to your account.

Tasks assignment

Manage your distributed work force of suppliers, employees, doorpersons and cleaners by establishing work schedules and task plans. Access, assign and monitor completion of these task on the go with your smart phone and the UpperBee mobile App.



Location of equipment

Place the knowledge of the location of your buildings' equipment and engineering systems in UpperBee and access it anytime or place you want via the mobile App. Problem with the HVAC at a building: Is it on the roof, in the garage inside an out-building? With the mobile App all these answers are at you fingertips.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The first place to look if you have a question. Important information to access services, understand rules of the building, and solve the little things that come up. Learn from others that have asked the question before you.


Documents Manuels

Documents & manuals

Access useful information for building services and amenities, and manuals to utilize appliances and systems in your unit (e.g., programing a thermostat, replace a smoke detector battery, use your washing machine, etc.)

Access to all your important documents and manuals on the go. UpperBee's Mobile App gives you access to your virtual library and all the documents you have stored in it.

Useful Contacts

Find the contact information of your building manager, the front desk, building security, cleaning personal, etc. The first people to contact when you have an issue with the building.

Contacts Utiles

Building Inspections

Anytime you need to coordinate an inspection of your apartments (e.g.; fire alarm system inspection, etc.), you may find yourself spending a large amount of time obtaining access authorization from each individual tenant. UpperBee’s automated inspection tools lets you obtain authorization from your tenants with just a few clicks.

Reservations (ON DEMAND)

Many buildings have shared facilities that must be reserved for private use. UpperBee's calendar system tracks this information and allows residents to self-reserve these amenities.


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