Board of directors and owners meetings

UpperBee make it easy to prepare, generate and distribute your board and general meeting documents, and obtain owners’ electronic proxies or attendance confirmation to facilitate achieving a quorum. UpperBee automates this process and keeps track of who has received and opened your documents.

Discussions and votes for board members

A web-based meeting tool for the Board of Directors, to exchange documents and information, discuss options and vote electronically on topics that require the approval of the Board – No need to be physically present!



Secured access

UpperBee offers a secured and private access to all your records. With UpperBee’s multiple security levels, you can manage who has access to what.


Prepare your board or owners meeting agendas using UpperBee's intuitive tools. Add, edit or remove agenda items effortlessly. Use UpperBee's included agenda or modify it to suit your needs. Indicate which agenda items are votes so that UpperBee can automatically transfer them to your decision log. Finally, vote tagging allows UpperBee and Meeting, UpperBee's virtual meeting application, to transparently share all required information to hold virtual meetings (fractions, list of owners, emails, proxies, etc.) or allow your participants to vote using their connected devices.



Electronic Notice of Meeting distribution

Easily add PDF, Excel or Word files to your meeting agenda. Drag and drop your files and simply rearrange their order as needed. When finished, let UpperBee automatically combine all of your files into a single PDF format notice of meeting and email it to all of your attendees.

Email reception validation

UpperBee's automated email receipt validation will let you know which owner has not opened your electronic meeting notice. If necessary, a printed copy of your meeting notice can be mailed to these owners.





Minutes of board or owner meetings can be prepared and sent automatically using UpperBee's built-in tools. UpperBee will automatically transfer the result of each vote to your decision log. Finally, your minutes can be electronically signed by the meeting officers and sent by email or regular mail to all registered owners.

RSVP to meetings

When a notice of a meeting is sent, owners are invited to confirm their attendance or give a proxy. Track in real time which owners will be present and who has given a proxy. Know ahead of time if you will get quorum.



Email reminder campaigns

Set up an email reminder campaign. UpperBee will automatically follow up with attendees who have not confirmed their attendance or given a proxy to your meeting. Set it up and forget about it, it's that easy!

Proxy management

UpperBee's integrated proxy management and approval tools let you monitor and vote your proxies with confidence. Group proxies and add them to individual proxies holders so they can vote them as a group or individually as needed. Approve proxies before adding them to your meeting to ensure they meet your requirements. It literally makes voting your proxies as easy as 1, 2, 3.



Signing of the minutes

Add your meeting officers digital signature to UpperBee and electronically sign meeting minutes in seconds! No more running around trying to get everyone to sign the minutes!

Electronic Voting & Vote Tallying

Use UpperBee's automatically generated voting sheets to compile your voting results OR combine UpperBee Condo and Meeting by UpperBee and enjoy an effortless electronic voting and results tally system. With Meeting by UpperBee, participants can vote using their connected devices for shorter and above all more efficient owners meetings!


Meeting setup

Write your agenda, complete with documents from external sources (e.g .: audited financial statements, copy of contracts, etc.), generate your meeting notice and convene your owners, approve and manage proxies, track RSVPs in real time, calculate your meeting quorum and vote results, write your meeting minutes, have them signed electronically by the meeting officers and email them to each registered owner, all this only by using UpperBee's all-in-one integrated tools.

Attendance register with real time tabulation

With Meeting by UpperBee, know exactly where your quorum is at all times! As owners join your meeting, Meeting's automated features will track your quorum in real time. No more hassle with attendance sheets, Meeting takes care of it electronically!

No attendees limit

UpperBee's in-person meeting management tools don't limit the number of owners who can attend. Two, a hundred or a thousand owners, no problem, UpperBee will take care of it without breaking a sweat.

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