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Rent roll

Analyze your expected rental income, your collected rental income and whether there is room for rent increases based on prevailing market rents in your region and the specific characteristics of your rental homes or apartments. Access all this information in real time so that you are always apprised of the rental status of each of your units.

Digital Leases and Appendices

Allow your tenants to electronically complete and sign a digital lease. Use UpperBee Rental's lease customization tools to establish your standard lease and let UpperBee auto-populate sections of your digital leases to avoid mistakes. Make the signing of leases a simple and efficient process.



Resident Profiles

Keep a complete file of each tenant's contact details, including their address (before signing, during and after the end of the lease), emergency contacts, vehicle list, and, if you need it, a copy of their tenant insurance policy. In addition, a tenant’s file includes all of their service requests as well as the list of building regulation violations that they have committed.

Building Rules

Keep your rules and regulations in an easily accessible registry that allows for the incorporation of these rules into various communications using UpperBee’s powerful mail merge features - It has never been so easy to make your building rules accessible to the various stakeholders who require them (e.g., rental agents, brokers, prospective and current tenants, etc.).



Suppliers and contacts

Create and manage your suppliers and contacts. Create per building or company level authorized, preferred, and blacklisted supplier lists. Link your suppliers and contracts so you do not miss anything. Have access to a repertoire of specialized suppliers with thousands of entrepreneurs.

Contracts and contract renewal

Manage your supplier contracts, stay apprised of their start, end, and notice of non-renewal dates. UpperBee will notify you of all critical contract renewals - Never miss a deadline again. UpperBee's Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) features ensure you are never caught off guard. Know if all required maintenance contracts are in place. Avoid oversights by telling UpperBee which contracts should be in place in each of your buildings and know if a contract is missing.



Tenant's insurance

Keep track of tenants’ individual insurance policies and automatically prompt them to update outdated contracts. Always be aware of a tenant’s insurance coverage. Keep a digital file of each policy and its details (i.e., period, type and amount of coverage). Be notified of missing or expired policies, send reminders, and approve or reject, online, their submitted policy based on your specific requirements.

Unit descriptions

Include a complete description of each of your units, with photos and lists of included equipment, furniture, appliances, and utilities. Also list your unit's square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., and use that information to advertise your unrented units in various third-party online marketplaces.


Electronic Signature

Use digital signatures to approve your documents remotely: Applications (signature of tenant and landlord); sign supplier contracts; procurations for court, and much more.

Infraction Registry

Know your good tenants and your bad. UpperBee's infraction and communication logs store and keep track of a complete history of tenant rule infractions and complaints, and actions taken to resolve them. In the event of eviction, the proof to support your case is just a click away.



Hot water tanks

Do your apartments have individual hot water tanks that need to be replaced periodically, either for insurance compliance or based on your own preventive maintenance schedule? If so, you can count on UpperBee Rental to let you know when a hot water tank needs to be replaced based on your specific needs.

Vehicle Registry

Full vehicle registry with complete details of make, model, registration, assigned spaces, contact details and the like - All at your finger tips in case of an urgent matter or infraction.



Tenant history

Keep a complete history of all past and present tenants of your buildings.

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