New construction : Advantages


On-site inspections are now simpler and easier than ever with Track and Fix. No need to print inspection lists anymore since all the information is in your mobile device. During an inspection, everything is done with the application: photos, annotations, comments, signatures! Once the visit is completed, the inspection report and official documents are automatically sent to clients and designated recipients (general contractor, notary, guarrantee plan, etc.). Deficiency lists and inspection reports will be instantly accessible by your team and service call resolution can begin right away.

Perfect for all inspection type

Track & Fix allows for all types of inspections: End-of-stage inspection (foundations, electricity, etc.), periodic follow-up inspection, pre-delivery or completion inspection, instant service call, etc.

Accepted by all warranty plans

Track & Fix is an easy-to-use technological inspection tool that is accepted by all warranty plans in Quebec and across Canada.

Integrates with construction software

Our real estate inspection application integrates with leading construction software such as Procore, Plangrid, AutoDesk Build, BIM360 and also integrates with UpperBee.

Procore, Plangrid, AutoDesk Build, BIM360 et UpperBee

Protecting your future

Track and Fix not only allows you to identify items to be corrected, the application also allows you to identify that an area has been inspected and that there are no items to be corrected. As a real estate developer, general contractor or building owner, you thus ensure your protection in the event of future problems and avoid any possibility of ambiguity with the customer if the relationship with him deteriorates. Be better protected by using our real estate inspection tool.

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