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16 May 2024  |  Moving, Partnership, Property Management  |  Condo, Manager, Property management

While moving in the winter, spring, or fall might seem appealing due to cost-effectiveness, there are distinct advantages to relocating during the summer months. Although it’s true that summer moves can be pricier, they often come with reduced stress levels inherent in the moving process.   

The pleasant weather is just one aspect contributing to the benefits of a summer move. If you have the flexibility to choose your moving date, consider why summer might offer you a more advantageous experience. 

The weather: no rain or snow in sight 

During the summer, there are typically fewer occurrences of rain or snow, depending on your location. But why does this matter? Moving in the summer can be safer due to reduced risks of slippery conditions on roads and entryways. While these incidents are rare, they increase the likelihood of movers or trucks slipping and damaging your items.  
Additionally, moving in the summer decreases the likelihood of delays caused by inclement weather, which can be incredibly frustrating given the tight schedules of moves. 

No school worries for the kids 

Moving to a location farther from your child’s school can disrupt their routine, especially in the middle of the academic year. It might even lead to missed school days if they’re needed for the move or if you want them to be part of the transition.  
However, moving in the summer ensures that your child’s school schedule remains uninterrupted. If you’re relocating far away, they’ll have the opportunity to bid farewell to friends and adjust more smoothly to their new school, as it coincides with the beginning of the academic year. 

Optimal time for renovations 

Summer is synonymous with renovation season, and moving often involves some form of renovation, especially if you’re transitioning to an older home. During the summer, there are often specials on renovation materials like paint, making it a cost-effective time to undertake such projects.  

Additionally, you won’t have to worry as much about transporting renovation items, reducing the risk of weather-related damage along the way. Moreover, renovations typically require doors and windows to be kept open for ventilation or frequent access, which is more feasible in the summer due to the favorable weather conditions. 

Abundance of housing options  

During the summer, it’s common for homeowners to list their properties for sale, as they often have more free time and the weather is conducive to showcasing their homes. This increased activity in the real estate market provides you with more options to explore, as it’s the peak season for property listings.  

Furthermore, the pleasant weather can serve as motivation for you to actively search for the right home, without concerns about inclement weather hindering your plans. Additionally, without snow obstructing views, you can fully appreciate and assess the features of each home you visit, adding another advantage to summer house hunting. 

Dive into the community effortlessly  

During the summer, communities tend to be more vibrant and active due to the favorable weather and the fact that many children are on summer break, leading to more adults taking time off work. Consequently, this creates a conducive environment for community engagement and the organization of various events such as festivals, outdoor markets, and recreational activities for people of all ages.  

This offers you a greater opportunity to immerse yourself in your community, interact with locals, and establish meaningful connections, as people are more likely to be out and about enjoying the season’s festivities.

How UpperBee’s partnership with MovingWaldo enhances your experience  
Our partnership with MovingWaldo enables you to access multiple online quotes from verified movers in less than 2 minutes. As Canada’s first marketplace for moving services, their platform simplifies the moving process, allowing you to compare and book with confidence, knowing you’re getting the best movers at the best price!

This partnership gives you, your teams, residents, tenants, co-owners, and all involved parties exclusive discounts. 
Don’t forget that UpperBee goes one step further by streamlining the entire moving process.

With our “moving” request feature, residents can effortlessly submit their requests online directly on our platform, all seamlessly integrated with our “calendar” function. What’s more, you can easily add post-move inspection reports and even bill residents directly through the same request.

UpperBee doesn’t just simplify, it revolutionizes the way moves are managed, streamlining the whole process for everyone involved.   

To find out more and take advantage of these advantages, go to the “Your offers” section of your UpperBee portal

Article written in collaboration with our partner 


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