Managers using UpperBee’s online property management software saw a significant increase in their workload following the onset of COVID-19, but wait there’s good news.


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12 August 2021  |  Covid-19, PropertyManager  |  Condo, Manager, Rental

It will come to no surprise to anybody that COVID-19 had a massive impact on the personal and professional lives of every individual. Owners, tenants and managers all had to live with the added anxieties surrounding COVID‑19 and the uncertainty that it caused to the economy and overall general state of affairs. Governments and building owners and condo board members were initially thrown in disarray and had to quickly adapt to this new reality.

Due to COVID‑19, more than ever, managers found themselves having to communicate rapidly and efficiently with their owners and tenants because of the rapidly evolving environment. Rules and restrictions put in place by various levels of government and health authorities needed to be communicated to all stakeholders and procedures had to be rapidly put in place to make sure that the properties being managed met their obligations.

The rapidly evolving COVID‑19 situation and the restrictions that it brought caused a lot of frustration among the general population, frustration that persist to this day. Consequently, this frustration boiled over in various condo associations and large rental properties. Managers were now tasked with putting in place the various controls and procedures needed to assure the security of their residents. This meant dealing with a clientele that was becoming more and more uncharacteristically short tempered.

UpperBee’s internal tracking of service requests made to managers through its online property management software, which as currently more than 100,000 users, shows that the number of service requests, per thousand units, made to its various managers jumped 50% in 2020 when compared to their 2019 pre-COVID‑19 level and more than doubled in 2021, when the same 7-month period for 2019 and 2021 were compared.
Upon a closer analysis of UpperBee’s largest manager performance (approx. 15,000 units managed) it was observed that during these challenging times, they were able to increase their client satisfaction level by more the 350-percentage point (or 3,5%). This analysis is based on a review of 10,646 service quality surveys.


UpperBee’s fully all-in-one property management software allows management companies to streamline their operation and spread the workload that traditionally falls on property managers across their organization, thus preventing bottlenecks and increasing company’s ability to meet the ever-increasing clients’ demands for proactive management services. UpperBee’s integrated features help managers harness and leverage their organization collective talents in order to constantly deliver superior client services.

Finally, managers who fail to implement a fully integrated property management solution may not be able to meet ever-increasing customer demands and regulatory requirements. In addition, the upcoming increased demands placed on managers to maintain complete building maintenance logs is sure to further increase the value of UpperBee in the eyes of management companies and condominium associations. 

‘‘Without fully integrated tools (integrating maintenance management, finance and banking, accounting, administrative task and meeting management, and communications with owners, tenants and third parties), it will become impossible for managers to meet all their future obligations and customer requests.’’

So don’t be outdone, contact us and let us show you why UpperBee is the solution for you.


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