Renovation : Advantages

before and after Inspection

Track & Fix allows you to document your transformation projects and each step of the project. Photos and archiving are unlimited and are recorded in order to obtain the follow-ups and progress in one place.

Follow-up of multi-site teams

Finally, a simple tool to allow renovation companies to obtain periodic reports from the teams on the different sites.

Client satisfaction survey

You can send a satisfaction form to the customer to know if he is satisfied with the work. You will be protected and equipped against future recourse or litigation. The sending of the survey and its response are added to the communication history.

Always the right data

Track and Fix allows your employees to collaborate together. Using many Excel lists that confuse the different stakeholders and customers is a thing of the past. With Track and Fix, your teams will always have access to up-to-date data and will collaborate on the various centralized lists. The history of internal communications with suppliers and with customers allows you to be informed on the evolution of a file without having to consult all stakeholders.

Increased quality of work

Track and Fix allows you to get answers to your most frequent questions. Our analysis tool allows you to know the most frequent problems, the number of "open" cases and the number of days it takes to close service calls. This information is compiled in a convenient dashboard that is visible to all users.

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