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Bank payment - UpperBee Pay continues to revolutionize real estate payment management

19 February 2024  |  Co-ownership, Copropriété, Innovation, Innovation, online payment, Paiement, property management  |  Manager, Pay

As a property manager, you are constantly looking for solutions to simplify your daily life and improve the satisfaction of your residents.
UpperBee Pay continues to revolutionize real estate payment management by providing a seamless and secure experience for everyone.

Are you tired of checks, complicated payment processes, delays, errors?

With Pay’s new payment functionality, and the addition of bank payment, paying condo fees, rents, or all incidental costs in your buildings (purchases of chips, remote control devices, moving costs, etc.) becomes child’s play.
Find out how it works. Free yourself from tedious administrative tasks and save precious time to concentrate on what matters: managing your buildings.

What is bank payment, and what does it mean for you?

UpperBee is now recognized as a standardized payment provider. Co-owners, residents, or tenants can pay their condo fees, rent, incidental fees and supplier invoices directly from one of the participating financial institutions.
Fast, safe and convenient!

How it works ?

It‘s very simple.

  1. Simply connect to your financial institution, just like to pay current bills (electricity or telephone).
  2. Choose UpperBee Pay from the list of providers.
  3. Enter the reference number indicated on the account statement (you can add a description to differentiate invoices from the same supplier).
  4. Validate the payment – that’s it!

The transmission of payment is automatic, and the amount of the transaction will be charged to the bank account of the co-ownership syndicate, or of your building, with the correct title and the correct references.
No more need for the involvement of your teams to create accounting entries. The transaction is also automatically updated in the account statement of the co-owner or resident.

The advantages of bank payment with UpperBee Pay for you:

  • Gaining time and efficiency:

    • Drastic reduction in manual check processing.
    • Instant and automated payments.
    • Reduced risk or errors and fraud.
    • Access to complete and accurate reporting of transactions.
  • Improved resident satisfaction:

    • Easy and secure payment from their usual financial institution.
    • Intuitive and transparent process in just a few clicks.
    • Access to invoices and follow-up of online payments.
    • Better communication and brand image for the building and the co-ownership.
  • Strenghtening cash flow:

    • Reduced check processing fees.
    • Reduction in late payments.
    • Better management of unpaid debts.
    • Limiting processing errors and non-sufficient funds charges (NSF).

Benefits for residents:

  • Simplicity and convenience:

    • Payment from their usual financial institution.
    • Intuitive and secure process in just a few clicks.
    • Access to invoices and follow-up of online payments.
  • Control and reliability:

    • Limit charges for insufficient funds.
    • Payments credited on D+1.
    • Secure, transparent and traceable transactions.
  • Saving time and money:

    • No more need to travel to pay charges.
    • Elimination of check mailing fees.
    • Punctual and automatic payments.

Integrate UpperBee Pay and bank payment into your property management solution now:

  • to reduce the risk of fraud and speed up payments.
  • to save time, simplify your daily life and property management and improve customer satisfaction.
  • to enhance the reliability of transactions through a fully automated process.
  • to offer your residents the best possible service.

If you are already an UpperBee customer, contact us to find out more and schedule a personalized demonstration or to activate Pay in your property without delay!

Please note: This functionality is already available in UpperBee Manager for buildings that have activated UpperBee Pay.

UpperBee Pay: your secure and reliable payment solution



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