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UpperBee and Track&Fix referenced in the “JeBatimatech” directory: the reference for the best technological solutions for construction

1 November 2023 | Sandrine Boisselier

The construction industry is evolving rapidly with new technologies and innovative solutions constantly emerging. For professionals in this dynamic sector, keeping up to date with the latest advances can be a major challenge.


Here is the program of UpperBee webinars for the fall

8 September 2022 | Sandrine Boisselier

UpperBee continues its commitment to continuing education for its professional property manager licensees and launches its webinar program for the fall.

Cogir real estate UpperBee

DevMcGill, a division of Cogir Real Estate, chooses Track&Fix to deliver their Alvéo project in Mirabel

27 April 2022 | Sandrine Boisselier

The UpperBee teams are proud to support DevMcGill in currently delivering the first phase of the Alvéo project in Mirabel with UpperBee's Track&Fix software.

UpperBee Webinars

UpperBee continues its commitment to continuing education for its professional property manager licensees and launches its spring webinar program

7 April 2022 | Sandrine Boisselier

These UpperBee webinars are exclusive training tools tailor-made by the UpperBee team to inform managers and enrich their knowledge.

TrackandFix Alta-Socam Viva Condos

The Alta-Socam Group selected, for its Viva Condos project, the Track&Fix platform for several reasons: ease, professionalism and simplified follow-up

18 February 2022 | UpperBee

"This very professional way of doing things for our customers (the co-owners), facilitates the follow-up of our customer service teams who can respond more quickly and efficiently to our customers."

DevMcGill Track&Fix Tak Village

DevMcGill, division of Cogir Immobilier, chooses Track&Fix for the delivery of their Tak Village project phases 2 and 5

17 January 2022 | UpperBee

The UpperBee teams are proud to support DevMcGill,  which is currently delivering phases 2 and 5 of the Tak Village project (townhouses) with  UpperBee's Track&Fix software. 


Track&Fix, the ideal inspection tool for construction teams and property managers

14 January 2022 | UpperBee

Track&Fix, the property inspection and monitoring tool developed by UpperBee for construction teams and property managers has accompanied many renowned projects this year. It definitely asserts itself as a complete tool for monitoring your projects.

MTL Developpement UpperBee

Track&Fix by UpperBee is an excellent tool

30 November 2021 | UpperBee

MTL Développement chose Track&Fix by UpperBee to support them in their unit delivery activities of their latest major project Le Bourbon.


Devmont is currently delivering Phase 3 of the Westbury Montreal project with Track&Fix software by UpperBee 

25 October 2021 | UpperBee

Devmont is currently delivering Phase 3 of the Westbury Montreal project with Track&Fix software by UpperBee and on-site support for the teams. 

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