Short on time? UpperBee announces a partnership with the private concierge services of Groupe De Palma to make your life easier


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DePalma concierges services

5 February 2024  |  Partenaire, Partnership  |  UpperBee

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Groupe De Palma, a leading concierge service. In a world where time is a precious commodity, Groupe De Palma is here to simplify your life with tailor-made concierge services, offering an unrivaled experience and personalized support to give you peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on the essentials.

Why choose Groupe De Palma? 

Groupe De Palma’s mission is to support you in your daily life with dedicated concierges, available to take care of your to-do list. Your Groupe De Palma concierge is your passport to freeing up time in your busy day, allowing you to enjoy life alongside your loved ones. Their concierges coordinate every aspect of your daily life, offering a unique and personalized solution.

How can De Palma help you? 

Whether reservations (restaurants, hotels, or transportation), purchasing tickets (shows or sporting events), managing appointments (car wash, massage, personal coach, window cleaning, dog walking, etc.), find a handyman, or organize your housekeeping, Groupe De Palma is committed to simplifying your life in a world where personalized services are a priority. Their dedicated concierges are always ready to offer a complete, hassle-free and tailor-made service. Indulging in the luxury of time is possible with their private concierge service.

Simplifying life with Groupe De Palma: a commitment to excellence

Simplifying the lives of our customers!” This simple saying guides their personalized support, offering impeccable service and varied tailor-made solutions to ensure unlimited peace of mind for all their customers. Being accompanied by Groupe De Palma team means living the unique concierge experience, whether for private or corporate needs. An unforgettable and sought-after experience that you won’t find anywhere else!

De Palma: making the difference to be the reference 

Making the difference to be the benchmark perfectly reflects the uniqueness of the company’s offering. The excellence of the service provided allows Groupe De Palma to enjoy an enviable reputation, placing it at the forefront in the field of private and corporate concierge services. Groupe De Palma provides its clients with a team of experienced and multidisciplinary professionals, trained to the highest standards in the art of concierge service. ” – Isabelle de Palma, President.

Isabelle De Palma, passionate about business and with a keen sense of listening and human contact, founded “Your personal assistant” in 2007. Driven by the desire to help others, the company aimed to respond to the growing needs of individuals and businesses, allowing them to lighten their schedule. A decade later, the company evolved into Groupe De Palma, allowing it to reach a greater number of customers while diversifying and adapting its services to growing demand. At the head of a multidisciplinary team, Isabelle is proud to offer what many people lack in our modern societies: time! A simple phone call to your concierge gives you access to a series of services that lighten your daily life, giving you the freedom to concentrate on what matters.


To find out more and take advantage of these services, go to the “Your offers” section of your UpperBee customer platform.

UpperBee is proud to be able to provide access to new benefits to its community. Access to these private concierge services is available to employees, residents (co-owners and tenants) of all buildings managed with UpperBee. Managers, your employees also have access to it.



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