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10 February 2022  |  Condo, Manager, Rental

Here are some of the latest additions to your UpperBee software that have just been put online to allow you to better manage your buildings.
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Improved purchase orders

The features have been revised to permit:

  • Add additional statutes;
  • Duplicate an existing purchase order;
  • Linking a purchase order to an already approved invoice.

Payment Tracking

Payment tracking has been improved with the addition of multi-page payment IDs.
These additions will make it easier for accounting teams to trace banking transactions.
Better traceability will reduce the risk of errors and allow Upperbee users better control over their finances.



Launch of UpperBee Electronic Lease
Electronic lease is now available to UpperBee Rental users and directly accessible within the platform.

Stay tuned to discover all the detailed features and learn how UpperBee simplifies the management of lease renewals through an automated process as well as the transmission and electronic signature of the lease.


Meetings and Assemblies Management Webinar 
Friday, February 11 at 12:00 p.m.

UpperBee has all the tools to organize your board and all your other types of meetings.

Learn how to manage your meetings with UpperBee, from convocation to signing minutes, and, as a manager, you can facilitate this process and prepare for various scenarios.

Reminder: These training webinars are free and reserved for Licensed UpperBee customers. If you are a licensed property manager of UpperBee, you have already received by email all the information about this program as well as the registration links.



Improved infraction reporting process

The offence reporting process is enhanced to allow you to link an infraction report to a unit so that you can get an overall picture of each unit’s situation, including all offence notices issued and all reports received.
The field can be easily filled in for all units using the fraction import/export feature.



UpperBee TV

See our latest videos uploaded on UpperBee TV to help our users.
These videos will allow you to enjoy the full experience of all UpperBee features.


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