Artificial intelligence at the service of property management: a new advance from UpperBee


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15 January 2024  |  AI, Gestion Immobilière, IA, Innovation, Logiciel de gestion, Property Management, PropertyManager, software  |  Condo, Manager, Pay, Rental

At UpperBee, we are committed to constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to offer our property management clients the most advanced tools. Today, we are excited to announce a major breakthrough: the integration of artificial intelligence into our software for the management of invoicing and its approval. This new feature marks a crucial step in our ongoing mission to offer cutting-edge technology solutions to our users.

As the property management sector evolves at a rapid pace, we continue to be at the forefront of innovation, developing features that rethink how managers interact with their software. The integration of artificial intelligence into accounts payable management is a reflection of our commitment to understanding our customers’ challenges and simplifying daily processes while improving their operational efficiency.

The benefits of integrating AI into UpperBee in payables management are numerous and essential for property managers:

Fast invoice processing:

Using AI, invoices can be quickly analyzed and processed, thereby speeding up the entire financial management process.

Analysis of billing elements:

AI scrutinizes each element of an invoice in detail, verifies the supplier, assigns costs to specific buildings or particular units, identifies the invoice number, amount, description, everything minimizing the risk of errors.

Instant identification of elements in the system:

AI is empowered to instantly identify invoice elements that match data already in the system, providing a complete view of each transaction.

The integration of artificial intelligence in accounts payable demonstrates our commitment to redefining property management through technology. We are proud to be among the pioneers harnessing the full potential of AI to meet the specific needs of our property management clients.

Our objective is clear: to relieve property managers of tedious and time-consuming tasks in order to allow them to concentrate on tasks with higher added value. By optimizing invoice management using AI, we aspire to save both our customers’ time and money.


At UpperBee, our commitment goes beyond simply offering property management software. We are a true technological partner, evolving alongside you by anticipating your needs and offering innovative solutions. The integration of artificial intelligence into invoice management is a further step towards a future of simplified and efficient property management.

Always listening to our clients’ requests, UpperBee is constantly innovating to offer integrated, collaborative and accessible property management solutions within the same platform. We are already making a difference in the digitalization of real estate in North America.

For properties using UpperBee Pay, discover how this integrated AI accelerates accounts payable management, delivering outstanding performance.
Join us in this new era of property management fueled by innovation. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out how UpperBee can revolutionize your approach to property management.

UpperBee, enjoy property management


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