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14 February 2024  |  Innovation, property management, property manager, software  |  Condo, Manager, Rental, UpperBee

Here are some of the latest improvements and new features of your UpperBee software that have just been put online to allow you to better manage your buildings.
To consult the full list of new features click here.


Discover the simplicity of UpperBee Pay bank payment!

No more cheques, no more complicated payment processes. With Pay’s new payment feature, residents can now pay their condo fees, rent or other charges directly from one of the participating financial institutions.

How it works ? It’s very simple.
1. Log in to your financial institution.
2. Choose UpperBee Pay from the list of providers, as you would for example to pay for electricity.
3. Enter your reference number indicated on the statement of account, add a description if you wish, and validate your payment – that’s it!

Switch to UpperBee Pay, and reduce the risk of fraud, speed up payments and simplify property management, save time, increase the reliability of transactions with a fully automated process.

IMPORTANT: This functionality is already available in UpperBee Manager for buildings that have activated UpperBee Pay.


Optimize service request management with UpperBee requests!

Discover the new subtypes of service requests for even more precise management!
You can now create your own query subtypes, providing increased customization and better subject qualification to help you better manage your operations. Ex.: for a general financial request, you can add subcategories (payment problem, non-payment, registration to automatic withdrawal, etc.)
Combined with features already in place such as customizing descriptions, adding custom fields, note templates, task lists and their tracking screens, these new options allow complete customization of your tools according to your organization.

This integration process provides greater flexibility in your operations, improved efficiency and better quality control.


More flexibility in creating meeting templates

You now have the ability to create personalized, tailor-made meeting templates based on how your buildings are managed and the specific topics to be discussed during your board meetings.

You are no longer limited to predefined templates!

You can easily configure the agenda and minutes according to your needs, whether for budget progress meetings, preparation for the annual general meeting or any other specific meeting, such as board meetings following the AGM, etc. allowing you to discuss specific points with the new Board (changing the signatories, collecting the IDs to make the change to the company register, etc.).


Simplification of the service request menu

We have reorganized the management of responsible persons and recipients in the request notes into a drop-down menu, for even smoother use and increased efficiency.



Removal of the document scanner

With the functionalities of the document scanner being moved and improved through the document reception feature, the document scanner will no longer be supported, effective August 1st, 2024. Please make sure that your payables process are migrated within the document reception.


New partnership with six hotels in the prestigious Fairmont Hotels & Resorts chain!

These benefits and preferential rates are available to employees and residents (co-owners and tenants) of all buildings managed with UpperBee. Managers, your employees also have access.

To take advantage of it, go to the “Your offers/Fairmont” section of the UpperBee customer platform.

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