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25 October 2021  |  virtual condominium assemblies, virtual meeting  |  Meeting, Uncategorized

The current global context has meant that virtual assemblies have become the standard on many levels, whether for meetings with colleagues or even sometimes for a family dinner. The world of co-ownership has not been spared by this new reality. 

Meeting by UpperBee offers an ideal solution for a condominium wanting to hold its meetings using a state-of-the-art tool that complies with all required procedures and protocol, and all required data. Like any tool, certain practices are highly recommended to ensure that everything runs smoothly for everyone. With this in mind, here are some recommendations from our team to ensure fluidity during the meeting. 

  • If the microphones do not work, writing remains a solution 

The speed to interact is often influenced by multiple factors, such as the level of comfort of the individual with the computer (or cell phone) or the speed of the internet connection. Added to this is the fact that the opening of the microphone is done in two stages, namely the granting of the right to speak by the facilitator, then the opening of the microphone on the side of the participant. There could also be added issues related to the misconfiguration of the device used. 

If you are the host, we invite you to unlock the microphones of people with their hands raised, as soon as the hands are raised, so that if a person in the list of raised hands has an easier time speaking, he can do it first, which will give more time to others to solve any technical problems that would prevent them from activating their microphone and camera. 

Even so, it’s important to be open and patient. A good practice is to give participants a limited time to open their microphone and camera. If the participant is unable to do so, they are invited to ask their questions in writing. While the person is writing their question, you can invite the next person to ask their question. Such a practice makes it possible to get through the questions of the assembly more quickly while giving everyone the chance to express themselves, even if they may have technical issues. 

  • The challenge of tablets and smartphones 

Remember that unlike a computer, on a mobile device access to the microphone and camera is not granted to the website or service provider, but to the application (Chrome or Safari for example). If access was blocked a long time ago, this parameter remains and takes precedence over any request for permission from the website. Participants using a mobile device must first give access to the microphone and camera to the application, via the settings of their tablet or smartphone. 

A facilitator can see what type of device a participant is using and can recall this fact when a participant is having trouble with their smartphone or tablet. 

  • Tests prior to the holding of the meeting 

In any standard email inviting you to a virtual meeting, help guides and videos, as well as a test tool for the microphone, camera and internet connection are made available to participants so that they can solve any issues before the meeting is held. These resources are also available via the UpperBee support platform (direct link).  

Consulting these resources can significantly reduce the risk of complications during an assembly. Help videos are also available to you to broadcast them in the audiovisual component of the Meeting room before the start of the assembly, as a reminder to participants on how the Meeting platform works. A French version, an  English version, and a bilingual video are available to adapt to all possible scenarios. 

Finally, if you have participants who are less comfortable with technology, you can encourage them to bring a friend home on Assembly night for help.  Otherwise, the other option is to transmit a power of attorney to a neighbor and join him to view the meeting on that neighbor’s device and thus benefit from his expertise with technology. 

  • Meeting, the best rate on the market 

Meeting is the virtual meeting platform that can be suitable for meetings with 6 to 1,000 participants. Meeting’s pricing makes it the software at the best price on the market. Current pricing is $149 plus $2 per additional unit over 25 units. 

One thing is certain, the virtual assembly generally makes it much easier to obtain a quorum and you should not fear this one, because it is very appreciated by many users, even sometimes by some who were opposed to it at the beginning. 

As they say, “to try it is to adopt it”. 


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