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19 April 2024  |  Gestion Immobilière, Logiciel de gestion  |  Condo, Manager

At UpperBee, we are committed to transforming property management by encouraging innovative digital practices and moving towards paperless operations. 

Every gesture counts and true to our positioning as an innovative expert and leader, UpperBee is committed to continuing its initiatives with future improvements of our software suite  and to encouraging the collaboration of our customers and partners, always remaining on the lookout for initiatives in the industry that allow us to reduce our ecological footprint: 

Reducing the Influence of Paper in Property Management 

Historically, property management has generated a considerable amount of paper documents. Contracts, notices of general meetings, minutes, leases, invoices, condo fee statements, maintenance reports… – Lots of dead trees!  

In 2016, UpperBee implemented paperless invoice processing into our system. Our goal being to change the way the industry manages processes, and to reduce its environmental footprint.  Since then, we have continued down this road – Read ahead. 

Concrete actions 

Our management platform already incorporates many measures to promote the responsible use of paper in property management by reducing its need:

  1. Electronic Document Storage :
    The UpperBee software suite allows property managers to store all documents electronically. No more filing cabinets full of papers. Everything is now just a click away, significantly reducing paper consumption and waste. Additionally, this virtual library of documents allows you to better organize and document buildings, reducing unnecessary travel and costs. A properly documented building makes it easier to diagnose the cause of a problem and to dispatch, for example, the right supplier the first time – which reduces travel and the costs of having multiple suppliers come in to finally solve a problem. 

  2. Digital Signatures :
    Contracts and documents can be digitally signed, eliminating the need to print physical copies for signatures. This not only reduces paper use, but also speeds up processes, and reduces unnecessary travel and thereby carbon generation. 

  3. Electronic Payments and rent/condominium fee collection with UpperBee Pay:
    Electronic payments are now commonplace. This eliminates paper checks and simplifies financial management. 

  4. Virtual meetings with UpperBee Meeting :
    Virtual town halls with Meeting do not require travel, which means less fuel use, or less air conditioning of meeting spaces, for example…  

  5. Remote Work :
    UpperBee allows management teams to work effectively from anywhere, encouraging remote or hybrid work. Fewer commutes to the office mean a significant reduction in carbon emissions. 

  6. Mobile App for Residents :
    Residents can communicate easily through our mobile app, reducing the need for printed materials for problem reports or bookings. They can manage everything from their cell phone: book a facility or service online, request services or track the delivery of a package, report a cleanliness problem or equipment breakdown, take advantage of new promotional agreements negotiated by UpperBee, but also access their financial data and that of the buildings as well as all public documents,  and more. – All for free and in just a few clicks. 

  7. Data Security :
    UpperBee secures sensitive information effectively, reducing the risk of paper data loss or leaks, and complying with security obligations over personal information regulations, such as Quebec Law 25. 

  8. Proactive Maintenance :
    UpperBee includes  maintenance log functionality, allowing you to carry out an equipment inventory and inspections of buildings directly within the application. No more papers and pencils, and no more manual templates and booklets to complete! 

  9. Simplified online rental management:
    UpperBee reduces the tediousness of the rental process: tenant search, selection, verification of their eligibility , with our  complete and instant pre-rental surveys (with our partner Trusti), electronic leases, RL-31 slips sent directly to Revenu Québec, renewal notices, electronic accounting and payments, insurance, etc. Everything is accessible online in one place to take care of your building’s rental. https://upperbee.com/fr/actualites/tout-pour-votre-prochaine-saison-de-location-au-meme-endroit-avec-upperbee/. No need to print and fill out paper documents, everything is done online easily.  

  10. Improved Communication:
    UpperBee allows you to send a digital service request at any time to property managers to quickly deal with any hazards that may arise in their buildings. Everything is documented directly online. This limits unnecessary travel.

  11. Process Automation:
    UpperBee allows many administrative and accounting tasks to be automated, which significantly reduces the use of papers and risk of error. 


Less paper, more simplicity 

Going paperless means less paperwork, which translates into simpler, efficient, and more transparent day-to-day management. Your teams can access all the documents concerning your buildings at the click of a button, accessible from their smartphone or tablet. 

Digital storage also makes it easier to find old documents. Are you looking for the date of the last work on the balconies about 7 or 8 years ago? No more manual processing, no more clutter, no more endless searches for files in old paper binders… No problem, with UpperBee you will find the information instantly, in digital format. The advantage of using a 100% web-based tool, with the power of a real search engine. 

No more risk of losing a document, everything is accessible in the application. No more printing costs, no more loose sheets, no more research time for your employees and no more environmental impact. 

Accessibility everywhere, for everyone 

Going paperless allows documents to be accessed anywhere, on any device, for you, your teams, and residents. You can instantly access your property’s financial statements and budgets. Access your personal account information. Download a copy of the building’s by-laws, declaration of co-ownership, property insurance policy, and more. 

For your teams, this means increased productivity, as they always have access to the documents they need. In addition, it improves customer satisfaction, as you can provide documents in real-time. 

Simplifying relationships with residents 

Going digital also benefits your customers, co-owners, or resident tenants. You can make the documents they need available to them online, which allows for self-service. Plus, you can be responsive by handing over documents to them easily and electronically. 

This further improves the customer experience and simplifies document interactions, reduces wasted time, and lowers costs. 

Ecology and digitalization 

Digitalization significantly reduces the consumption of paper, ink, and electricity, but also postal costs. It saves money on paper while protecting the environment and saves your teams precious time, no more mail handling or trips to the post office. 
At UpperBee, we strongly believe that every little bit counts in reducing all of our impact on the environment. We pride ourselves on our role as innovative experts and industry leaders, and that is why we are committed to continuingly develop innovative solutions for property management that reduce reliance on paper and further optimize processes. 
The entire team remains on the lookout for best practices to minimize our environmental impact.  
The UpperBee platform helps eliminate waste and optimize property management processes at all levels. 

Join us in this digital transformation of the property management industry! 


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