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18 December 2023  |  Property Management, PropertyManager  |  Manager

The quest for well-being is more relevant than ever, especially in the increasingly complex world of property management. Managers face growing challenges, from labor shortages to the stress of regulatory changes…

At UpperBee, our mission is to provide technological solutions to simplify the lives of these professionals. In collaboration with Strøm Nordic spa, we explore the importance of mental and physical well-being, managing stress and creating balance for healthy productivity. In this guest blog article, discover how the pursuit of well-being can adapt to the hectic daily life of property managers, while exploring advice from our partner Strøm Nordic spa.

Extract from an article written by Béatrice Filion, Psychologist

In these difficult times, we are told to “take care of ourselves”. Although it is important to have time alone to refocus and take care of your health, it is also often difficult. We tend to get lost in the culture of “well-being”, without really knowing where to turn, or even what really makes us feel good. In an era where some people expose on social networks all kinds of miracle recipes or lifestyles to adopt to be “good”, let’s take the time to think about what happiness really is and what can contribute to ours.

What if we talked about wellness culture?

The wellness culture has transformed over the last decade, sometimes becoming obsessive. Indeed, wellness culture is often very exposed and valued. It has become an industry in its own right. We are bombarded with offers of products or services aimed at improving our well-being, our body, our psychological state, or our environment. Inevitably, this trend favors a single idea of ​​well-being, as well as the means to achieve it. It is then easy to be disappointed with the results if you do not take the time to choose the means to take care of yourself.

What is true happiness?

We must keep in mind that doing something for ourselves must first come from our own desire. As simple as it may seem, when we take the time to question ourselves about what really makes us feel good, we can realize that our desires do not necessarily fit with the latest trend, or with what is expected of us socially. However, meeting one’s own needs should be the starting point in the search for well-being.

Learning to listen to yourself, discover yourself or respect your limits constitutes the basis. It is by being attentive to our feelings, our emotions or our sensations that we can determine if something is good for us. There is therefore no recipe for happiness… apart from your own.

We can interact with loved ones, draw inspiration from people we admire, but we can never adopt someone else’s lifestyle in the hope of feeling the same benefits.

Some may enjoy reading a good book, while others will find this activity demotivating, having difficulty staying focused on the words. This experience will then harm their self-esteem, if they compare themselves to the “criteria” established by society to achieve happiness.

Is the grass really greener at the neighbour’s ?

It also becomes difficult to know how to take good care of yourself when you feel like it’s so easy for others. Comparison is a barrier to well-being. When we compare ourselves to our neighbor who always seems to be doing better than us, to have more energy or to do more, we can then feel guilty and see the gratitude we have towards ourselves diminish.  We then come to no longer feel the benefits of the actions we have taken for our well-being. It therefore seems essential to learn to refocus on our needs and our motivations to avoid falling into the comparison trap.

The obsession with well-being and the resulting excesses can come from the feeling that we must do everything. At the same time being Zen, eating organic, doing sports, going to the psychologist, going to the spa, the theater, the cinema, having read all the latest fashionable novels, seeing friends, being informed about politics, doing volunteer work and sleep well. Are you out of breath reading this? It’s normal! Well-being is not linear, and it is important not to be too demanding of yourself.

Make choices that will guide your daily life and your desires, to meet your true well-being. Your needs evolve and vary depending on your situation. What felt good to you a few years ago may no longer have the same effect today. And what works today may not work tomorrow. This is why it is essential to stay attentive to your needs, your feelings, and above all, your intuition.

This partnership with the Strøm Nordic spa aims to allow customers of the UpperBee community to take care of themselves. Today more than ever, the health of a company is inseparable from the well-being of its employees, particularly in the current context. And it is all the more important to equip yourself to preserve your mental health.

This partnership gives you, your teams, residents, tenants, co-owners… exclusive discounts.

To find out more and take advantage of these advantages, go to the “Your offerssection of your UpperBee customer platform.


Article in collaboration with our partner


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