Notifications and Reminders

System parameters combined with customizable service request and periodic task management capabilities ensure that workflow processes can be defined to ensure timely completion and follow-up of activities. System generated notifications and reminders keep the process moving and inform managers and their supervisors when action is due.

Recurring and periodic tasks management

UpperBee's workflow automatization features allows you to establish recurring tasks to be populated in the system when there time is due and set reminders with assigned and delegated responsibilities to reduce or entirely remove required human intervention - Saving time, Money and drastically reduce errors. This functionality is built in across all modules where the value of automation was noted (e.g., accounting entries, work scheduling, service request follow-up, contract management, etc.)



Budget review

Tools to quickly compare your actual vs budget and add projections to clearly establish the financial position of your condominium association or HOA.

Automated contract tracking

Stay ahead of the curve and informed of upcoming contract renewals - Never miss a deadline. Let UpperBee track and list all your clients upcoming contract renewals - Don’t run the risk of letting an unwanted contract automatically renew without your knowledge!

Service request analysis

Monitor your employee productivity and client service levels at the same time. Know with a Click how many services request are open, closed, how many days to complete in total, per client or per employee. With UpperBee Rental service request status monitoring tools You will always have your finger on the pulse of your operations.

Automatic quality reviews

Know what your tenants are thinking. Automatically send a survey to a requesting person when their request is completed. The results of these surveys will inform you of how well your building managers and other employees are performing in the eyes of your clients. Do not stay in the dark - know ahead of time if things are going sideways so your management team can promptly apply the proper corrective measures.

Dashboard and widgets

Customizable dashboard - Assign your widgets and set your view of your business. In one view, evaluate your contracts, manage workflows, assign tasks to other staff with complete digital documentation. Be notified of hot items with UpperBee's “Actions to take” widget, and keep everything you find important in plain sight.

Condo fees collection

Do not get bogged down by the sheer number of tenants’ accounts to review and apply late fees. Let UpperBee’s automated alarms and features do most of the work for you. Now you can stay on top of this time-consuming task by automatically applying late fees to multiple tenants’ accounts across multiple properties.

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