Manage Physical Inventories

When renting furnished or partially furnished apartments, take inventory of furniture and appliances to ensure nothing goes missing when your tenant moves out. With UpperBee Rental it is easy to create an inventory list specific to each of your apartments, complete with device models, serial numbers and photos. in addition, you can document the condition, quantity and types in the same way.

Basic Maintenance Log

Your building is smaller, and you do not need all the bells and whistles of a fully featured Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), do not worry we got you covered. UpperBee Rental’s basic maintenance log is tailor-made to meet the needs of small properties. Just add your equipment, required maintenance and record when maintenance activities are performed, it's that easy.




Advanced Maintenance Log and equipment lists

UpperBee Rental's Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) makes it possible to efficiently inventory a building's mechanical equipment and assign each of them a basic Uniformat II classification code, a location and a zone. Manage your equipment and replacement parts. Detail the components of given equipment (e.g., belts, filters, etc.), its characteristics (e.g., sizes, rating (hp, RPM, Ton(s)), etc.) and define its operating range (i.e., min and max RPM). Group your equipment into systems (i.e., HVAC). Create critical equipment lists. Attach your equipment lists to your technical specifications and contracts to ensure that all your equipment is properly maintained. Link equipment to existing contracts, and much more!


Manage your supplier contracts, stay apprised of their start, end, and notice of non-renewal dates. UpperBee will notify you of all critical contract dates - Never miss a deadline again.



Suppliers and contacts

Create and manage your suppliers and contacts. Link your suppliers and contracts so you do not miss anything. Have access to a repertoire of specialized suppliers with thousands of entrepreneurs.


Track employee time: yours, your suppliers, etc. Set alarms to inform you of absences, late arrivals or when someone fails to scan “in” at the required time. UpperBee leverages NFC technology and lets you place NFC tags in your clients’ properties. By using web enabled mobile phones (AndroidTM or iPhoneTM) with NFC capabilities, all onsite personnel can scan “in” and “out” of buildings.



Automated Time Sheets

Using NFC or Barcode technology to track employee activity, UpperBee can produce automated timesheets that can be used for management, oversite, and payroll entry purposes.

Recurring or periodic tasks

Control your risks. Schedule and assign maintenance or regulatory compliance tasks to members of your team, including janitors, maintenance staff, building mechanics, managers, etc. and follow in real time the completion of assigned tasks.


Tell us your needs

UpperBee offers management software solutions for all property types. But which solution should you choose? Let us guide you and choose your demo according to your needs!